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Serving clients large and small in Lafayette, IN and Beyond

Our payroll services are very affordable and our pricing is straightforward. Our base payroll charge includes everything you need for payroll: processing, printing, signing and stuffing. Tax deposits, quarterly reports, direct deposit and online access are also included in our base fee. Of course, we offer many optional services that allow us to customize your service to your exact needs.

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Payroll Tax Services

We keep you in compliance. Payroll is what we do. We handle the payroll and all that goes with it, and you run your business. We deposit the tax payments, file tax forms, and reply to any correspondence.


You can stay focused on running and growing your business and leave the payroll to the experts. Have a question? Feel free to call and ask. No phone trees, no extensions, just your payroll professionals who are ready to help.

Candoor-Pay Employees-Icon-Payroll-Services

1. Pay Employees

Candoor-Deposit Taxes-Icon-Payroll-Services

2. Deposit Taxes

Candoor-File Form-Icon-Payroll-Services

3. File Forms

Why Use a Payroll Service?

With Candoor, you and your staff can spend more time generating leads, developing new products, improving customer service, of fine-tuning your day to day operations. You may think that writing paychecks isn't taking you that much time. But that's just a small part of what Candoor provides. Have you thought about all the time, effort and stress you are experiencing from:

  • Doing quarterly taxes?
  • Filing all the necessary reports with all of the correct agencies?
  • Tracking vacation time, sick time, deductions, benefits, etc?
  • Making sure you are withholding the correct amounts from your employees?
  • Ensuring correct amounts are being matched by the company?
  • Providing reports to your accountant, insurance agent(s), worker’s compensation agent?
  • Filing your W-2’s at year end and submitting all year end reports and taxes correctly?

Your time is one of your most valuable commodities. Use it to focus on your business, not on payroll headaches.

As your delegated reporting agent, we take the responsibility for accuracy and timeliness of the tax reports and deposits. We prepare the returns, file the taxes, and provide you with all necessary copies for your records.

Calculating federal, state, and local income taxes and filing payroll-related paperwork is more than just a hassle – if done incorrectly, you may face big penalties or interest on money owed. This can add up very quickly and cost you way more than you would ever pay to have your payroll handled by the experts. We guarantee that your payroll will be accurate and on-time.

Consider the cost of the labor spent on processing your payroll, paying the taxes, filing forms and researching rules and regulations to insure compliance. Then consider what else you could have done with all that time. Payroll is our specialty; we are really fast and really good at it. We have the software, equipment and systems to process payroll with incredible efficiency and, as a result, low rates. When you consider all the factors, it definitely pays to outsource your payroll to Candoor.

Our Guarantee

We take our responsibility very seriously. We are here to relieve you of the burden and stress of doing payroll - and handling payroll taxes is a big component of that. It is a part of doing business, but it’s not why you’re in business. If you receive any correspondence from any of the agencies we report to for you, we take care of it…period. If there are any penalties resulting from our error, we will take full responsibility and handle any fines or interest due.*

Reports and Deposits include:

  • All local or municipal income tax
  • All state withholding income tax and reports
  • All state unemployment reports
  • IRS Forms 940 and 941
  • W-2 and W-3 employee earnings records1099 and 1096 forms if required

*Candoor guarantees tax reports and deposits to be accurate and on time so long as the data provided to Candoor is accurate and timely. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their account is sufficiently funded to cover all tax liabilities.

Access 24/7 to the information you need most.

Online Payroll Services

Our online payroll service is included. As the employer, office manager, administrator, you have access to employee pay history, deductions, benefits and everything else payroll related. You can make changes if you want to or leave that to us and use the online portal for simply submitting time and employee maintenance, the choice is yours.

Secure Online Access

With Online Payroll, you can do the following:

  • Pay your hourly, salary and 1099 employees with just a few clicks
  • Access to employee contact information
  • Stop direct deposit
  • See employee pay history and W-2 forms
  • View employee setup
  • Access to deductions and benefits
  • Make changes to wage rates, deductions and benefits
  • Inactivate terminated employees
  • Access to your payroll reports, for both you and your Accountant if you choose
  • Add pay types, deductions or benefits, notes, and countless other fields
  • Achieve 100% paperless payroll with ESS (Employee Self Service) access to enable employees to view pay stubs online

1. Login

Candoor-Enter Payroll-Icon-Online-Payroll

2. Enter Payroll


3. Done!

What We Do For You

  • Candoor-Each Pay Period-Icon-Payroll-Services-Transparent BG

    Each Pay Period

  • Payroll Checks (inserted into envelopes and ready for distribution to your employees)
  • Check Register Report
  • Cash Requirement /Tax Liability Report (1 page summary of payroll)
  • Employee Earnings and Department Report
  • Deduction/Benefit Report
  • Direct Deposit Report
  • Missed Pay Report
  • Missed Deduction/Benefit Report
  • Report New Hires to appropriate agencies
  • Candoor-Each Quarter Icon-Payroll-Services-Transparent BG

    Each Quarter

  • File 941 Quarterly Tax Return
  • File State Unemployment (SUTA/SUI) Tax Return
  • File State and Local Quarterly Wage Tax Return(s) (if applicable)
  • Deposit for Federal Unemployment Insurance (FUTA)
  • Detailed Employee Earnings Ledgers
  • Employer copy of all Tax Filings for your records
  • Candoor-Year End-Icon-Payroll-Services-Transparent BG

    Year End

  • File 940 Annual Return
  • File 941 Quarterly Tax Return
  • File State Unemployment (SUTA/SUI) Tax Return
  • File State and Local Quarterly Wage Tax Return(s) (if applicable)
  • Deposit for Federal Unemployment Insurance (FUTA)
  • Detailed Employee Earnings Ledgers
  • Produce and file W-2's, both employee and employer copy
  • Create and electronically file 1099 forms

Still Need More?

Payroll is our core service, but we offer many other services that go right along with payroll. Want to be able to import your payroll entries into your accounting software? We can do that.

Have employees who would like direct deposit but have trouble getting a bank account? We offer Direct Deposit pay cards that can be issued on site and ready to go for your next payroll. Read below to find out just what else we do offer.

  • Multi-State Tax Compliance
  • Pension Reporting
  • Union Reports
  • Certified Payroll Reports
  • Third Party Checks (United Way, Aflac, 401k, etc.)
  • Customized reports for reconciliation of Third Party Payments
  • Multi-Location Shipping
  • Customized Reporting (401k, Workers Comp, etc.)
  • Child Support and Garnishments

Tired of filling out complicated Department of Labor reports? Let us do the work for you. We can provide you with a ready to submit Certified Payroll report with your regular payroll. This will save you a ton of time, headache and frustration and help you get paid by getting the report submitted accurately and timely.

Have Union or Fringe reporting that needs submitted? Let us make a digital, PDF Filliable form for you and provide you with a completed, ready to submit copies to your Local Union benefit agency. We can even mail the form and checks in for you saving you even more time each month. We are here to help you get focused back on your business, not filling out paperwork and forms.

There are few things small business owners like less than being audited. No one enjoys having to go through any kind of audit. Let us make it a little easier for you by providing you the reports your auditor really needs. Eliminate the hassle of pouring over countless reports, tax forms and the like. We can even work directly with your auditor to ensure they get the information they need, the first time.

For those clients that do not have official employees but instead pay people as sub-contractors, we can take care of paying them. Using direct deposit or physical checks we can issue payments and file the 1099's and prepare all required reports. This way you can avoid having to remember who you paid and how much when the end of the year comes around. Need to pay someone ASAP, that works as well. Just remember to report to us who it was and how much so we make sure it gets put on the 1099 at the Year End.

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