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Searching for a better way to reduce one of your greatest expenses...labor costs? We offer automated timekeeping to employers to reduce labor and clerical costs, help eliminate errors and make your payroll process even easier. Implementing automated timekeeping is an easy decision for employers.

We offer numerous features and solutions that simplify challenges for many types of companies. Industries such as day care, retail, service, property management, manufacturing, religious organizations, hotel, hospitality, food, medical offices, construction, small business services, and much more are a perfect fit. It is both simple for employers to use and flexible in how it can be implemented.

The time clocks that we offer are top of the line and the latest in time keeping technology. Whether you need a simple punch in / out system or all the way to full biometric time clocks, we have the options you need. We even have a simple Webclock solution that you can use without the need for an on-site physical clock. You still get all the functionality of our timekeeping solution, just simply without a clock.

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Why Choose Our Solutions

  • Save on cost
  • Plug-and-play hardware
  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Go live in days, not weeks
  • Practical timekeeping solution
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Convenient, hygienic, affordable. The Punch time clock gives you the option for fob or magnetic strip. In proximity mode, your employees don't even have to touch the keypad. The Punch+ gives you even more for a premium time punching experience.

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Touch is an intelligent option for punching in and out quickly and easily. There's no need to remember a card or a fob, and there's no mystery as to who is actually clocking in. This makes things easy while ensuring that no "buddy punching" is even possible.

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Vision Plus

Vision plus is among the most advanced time clocks available. Not only do you have facial recognition software to make sure the right person is clocking in, it can even take the person's temperature to ensure that no one clocks in with a fever.

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Web-Based Clock

Don't need a physical, on-site time clock? We offer a web-based timekeeping solution that would be perfect for your needs. All the functionality of a traditional time clock in a web format. Clock In / Clock Out, manage punch data, pull reports, all from the convenience of your desk.

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Time Clock Features

Compare each type of time clock and the features they come with.

View Our Training Videos

Would you like to learn about our software or general tips centered around the HR world? Check out these videos below!

Walkthrough: TimeWorksPlus

TimeWorksPlus is our time and attendance tracking solution that reduces labor costs and eliminates payroll errors. Available as part of WorkforceHUB or sold separately as TimeWorksPlus, this walkthrough will give you a brief hands-on tour of the features of TimeWorksPlus.

Walkthrough: Mobile Location Management Client/Supervisor Experience

Mobile Location Management will be available in August 2020 as an optional service in TimeSimplicity and WorkforceHUB. This walkthrough will give you a brief hands-on tour of the client/supervisor features in Mobile Location Management.

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