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Lebanon, Indiana Payroll Services

Candoor is happy to be offering payroll services in the Lebanon, Indiana area. Full service Payroll Preparation with tax payment and reporting. We calculate all the taxes, withholdings, deductions and benefits and make all necessary deposits along with filing any required reports. Offering the access and flexibility that larger companies simply cannot, this is why we say "Payroll Simplified."

Services now INCLUDING

  • Complete Payroll and Tax Preparation
  • Free Online Payroll with Employee Self Service
  • Free Setup
  • Free Direct Deposit
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Payroll Specialist

Pam Bol

Pam Bol started with Candoor in February 2019 as a Payroll Specialist. She brings with her 15 years of payroll experience, both as a Specialist and as a Payroll Client. She enjoys problem solving and seeing the clients pleased with the service she and her co-workers provide.

Candoor is proud to serve the greater Lebanon, IN area. We work with a variety of companies, both large and small.

Not only are our payroll services priced right, our pricing packages are easy to understand, with no hidden fees.

Our basic service handles all of your payroll needs, such as processing, printing, authorizing and mailing. In addition, Candoor includes direct deposit, online access and other payroll necessities at no extra cost.

If you need any additional services, please feel free to get in touch with us. We can tailor our services to meet your business needs. We offer a great product at a fair price. Call us today to discuss your business payroll services needs.

Because we’re your delegated reporting agent, we vouch for the accuracy of your tax reports and deposits. We complete, file and provide you with copies of all taxes.

There’s no need to try and do all of your payroll taxes yourself. We can handle that for you from start to finish, saving you hours, if not days of your time. We’ll do the job right and we’ll make sure everything is done accurately and on time every time.

Trying to DIY when it comes to calculating payroll taxes can end up costing you dearly. You could end up with penalties or interest on taxes that were miscalculated. We make sure your payroll is right and ready.

We keep up with the latest changes to the tax code and make sure everything is accurate and up to date. You don’t have hours to pour over the latest tax code, nor may you want to. Not only do we keep up with any changes, we make sure your payroll’s taxes are done right.

You have our word: your payroll will be done right and on time.

Your employees and you can dedicate more time to the important job of running your business while we handle your payroll needs. Not only are we really good at what we do, we work quickly as well, without compromising quality. If that weren’t enough, we’re also affordable. Fast + accurate + affordable means it makes perfect sense for you to outsource your company’s payroll to Candoor.

Let us show you how easy it is to streamline your business payroll system while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Have round the clock access to your information, seven days a week, all online.

If you’re an office manager, administrator or business owner, you can have employee pay histories, benefits and related information on screen with a simple click of the mouse. You can review all aspects of your company’s payroll data in the comfort of your own home, on your laptop, tablet or even your phone.

Candoor also gives you the option of handling any payroll changes yourself or letting us do it for you. If you prefer to be hands on, our online payroll services let you take charge of things. If payroll isn’t a top priority for you, no worries, we can take care of that for you.

Either way, our online payroll services are incredibly convenient.

Our Guarantee

Candoor guarantees accurate and timely tax reports and deposits, based on provided data. Customers must make certain that their account has the funds to cover all taxes.

It couldn’t be easier: you give us all the payroll data and Candoor we’ll do the rest. We stand behind our work completely, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that there are no expensive or unexpected mistakes.

Secure Online Access

With Online Payroll, you can do the following:

  • Pay your hourly, salary and 1099 employees with just a few clicks
  • Access to employee contact information
  • Stop direct deposit
  • See employee pay history and W-2 forms
  • View employee setup
  • Access to deductions and benefits
  • Make changes to wage rates, deductions and benefits
  • Inactivate terminated employees
  • Access to your payroll reports, for both you and your Accountant if you choose
  • Add pay types, deductions or benefits, notes, and countless other fields
  • Achieve 100% paperless payroll with ESS (Employee Self Service) access to enable employees to view pay stubs online

By using our automated timekeeping services, you lessen the likelihood of human error and make the payroll process more seamless. It also eliminates the need for a payroll clerk or dedicated employee, who can instead concentrate on working on other aspects of your company’s business.

Candoor helps a wide variety of companies with their payroll needs. Everything from construction companies to medical offices count on us. We can help a such a wide range of business sectors because we offer so many features and solutions.

Our time clocks are excellent quality and use the latest technology. You can select a basic time punch system or a sophisticated biometric time clock. If you prefer an online clock, we offer a Webclock, which gives you all of the same features of our physical clock.

Our timekeeping systems aren’t intimidating to implement or use. All you have to do is decide on the best one for your company’s needs.

Candoor offers an Accounting Integration option. We develop and provide you with a file to import containing G/L entries, reconciliations, and any other customized options that your business requires for payroll services. The exact contents will depend on the accounting program your company uses.

The best part is: it couldn’t be any easier to update your general ledger. Just click your mouse and you’re done.

If you’ve spent hours keying in payroll data, you’ll be amazed by the convenience and ease of use that our Accounting Integration option can provide you with.

We can create a file that works with your software, including, but not limited to QuickBooks and Accounting CS. If your company uses lesser known software, Candoor can still offer you the Accounting Integration software option. Let us know the software you use, and we’ll create a custom import for you.

We mostly work with The Hartford Insurance. In addition, AP Intego, an insurance broker that offers coverage through an automated pay-as-you-go system offers quotes from several insurance providers, such as Travelers, CNA and AmTrust North America.

There’s no need to make one large payment upfront. Instead, you can pay your workers’ compensation insurance gradually throughout the year. And there’s no need to write out monthly checks or worry about missing a payment. We’ll automatically deduct the right amount every time we run your payroll and make sure it gets to your insurer.

There’s also no additional charge for using the insurance premium installment plan. Simply ask us to gather a few quotes, choose the best price and plan for your business, and we’ll do the rest.

With Candoor’s workers’ compensation insurance service, you don’t have to worry about late fees or having to set aside large amounts of money for premiums anymore.

How E-COMP Can Help You

  • Single source access, multiple insurance companies
  • Ability to compete
  • Increase payroll sales and retention
  • It’s Easy – we do all of the work on your behalf

E-COMP Insurance Carriers

  • “A” Rated
  • Broad Appetite
  • Competitive Rates
  • Broker of Record changes

Candoor makes sure your company is always in compliance. By using our services, you can rest assured your payroll is being handled properly and professionally. We are payroll experts, it’s all we do and we do it well.

Leave the tax filings, payments and correspondence to us. You concentrate on the important job of running your business.

We’ll take care of all the details, such as reporting new hires to the appropriate agencies, generating reports for each payroll cycle and preparing all employee checks.

Among our other services are filing quarterly tax returns and providing detailed employee earnings ledgers per fiscal quarter.

Candoor will handle all of your year end payroll requirements, including filing your annual return.

No matter the size of your company, Candoor can handle every aspect of your payroll accurately and at a fair price.

Call us today to discuss your payroll options and get started.

HR On-Demand

Serving the area of Lebanon, Indiana, Candoor is committed to providing your company with HR services. How can HR On-Demand impact your business? Let us tell you.

Unlimited Ask the Pro Consulting

When you need our level of expertise right now, you can ask our certified HR Pros as many questions as you want at no additional charge. When you need us, we are right there.

Up-to-the-Minute Ticket Tracker

Whenever you use our Ticket Tracker, you can see the status of any questions you have submitted. You can even see the HR Pro that will receive it and respond to you.

Free Quarterly Harassment Prevention Training

We can train your supervisors on best practices for preventing sexual harassment with our interactive webinar. Not only do we focus on an employer’s legal obligations but we also touch on unlawful harassment towards people of race and disabilities.

Custom Employee Handbooks

Our HR Pros can work with you to create a custom employee handbook that fits your organization’s need. If you have a current handbook, they can update and review it for you. Finally, we include a one-on-one consultation with one of HR Pros to make sure that your company is secure.

Custom Job Descriptions and HR Documents

Your organization is unique and our HR Pros are here to make sure that all of your HR documents are perfect for your specific company. We can help you with anything from job descriptions to forms.

HR Concierge Live Chat Assistance

HR Concierge is our live chat feature. You can get in touch with an HR Pro quickly and effectively when you have an HR issue.

Payroll Simplified

Get a Quote

Get in touch to receive your customized price quote on our payroll services. You can send us a message or give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

Get a Quote

Get in touch to receive your customized price quote on our payroll services. You can send us a message or give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

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