HR Services

HR Support Center

When using HR On-Demand, you and your employees have unlimited access to several benefits and tools that will help your company provide a well prepared HR department.

  • Customizable employee handbook template
  • Wide range of job descriptions
  • Quick Guides and checklists on common HR topics, including Health Care Reform, Hiring, Termination, and more
  • Extensive, easy-to-understand federal and state law libraries
  • Exclusive Training On-Demand videos
  • Custom-built HR podcasts
  • 3-minute HR Audit to help quickly identify HR compliance gaps
  • Weekly HR Snapshot emails featuring a Q&A on trending HR topics
  • Timely HR Articles

HR On-Demand

We realize how important it is to stay on top of HR issues within your workplace. Our program will help you streamline your HR department easily and with all the tools at your fingertips. With HR On-Demand training modules, staying up to date with latest HR issues couldn't be easier. With our HR On-Demand service you get ALL of the features of HR Support Center plus many more!

  • On Demand access to HR professionals, ask as many questions as you want, NO LIMIT.
  • Have customized forms, checklists, training manuals, all built for you and your needs.
  • Custom built Employee Handbooks, get policies added or updated.
  • We'll keep you up-to-date so the training's are current on a monthly basis.

Benefits of an Employee Handbook

There are several reasons to provide a handbook to your employees. Let us help you implement this very important tool.

  • Introduce your employees to the company culture.
  • Communicate your expectations clearly.
  • Tell your employees what they can expect from management.
  • Make sure your company's policies are clear and consistent.
  • Showcase the benefits your company offers.
  • Comply with Federal and State Laws.
  • Help defend against employee claims.
  • Inform your employees where they can turn for help when needed.
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